DaBaby has been in his fair share of fights this year. We've all heard about his altercation at Walmart, which left one man dead, but his most recent fight happened at a much classier shop: Louis Vuitton. It might not be the one-stop-shop that Walmart markets itself as but LV attracts some of the wealthiest people in the world to spend top dollar on leather goods and accessories. When DaBaby was refreshing his wardrobe a few weeks ago, a clout chaser tried him and ended up on the ground with his shorts around his ankles. DaBaby doesn't just beat you down, he downright humiliates you. After using footage from his fight in a new video, the North Carolina rapper shared why these arguments might actually be good for his career.

In a new upload to Instagram, the "Suge" rapper made reference to his Louis Vuitton fight, saying that his injured hand might actually be beneficial for his career. "I thank god for letting me whoop dat n***a till my hand broke it gave me a reason to use this headset microphone," said DaBaby. "Bitch I went Bobby Brown wit dis shit on last night!" 

With no range of motion in his hand for the time being, Baby is forced to perform with a headset mic, which is more stylish, comfortable and free than a handheld device. Maybe he's learning more about himself as a performer because of it.