It feels like years ago that DaBaby delivered Kirk, an album that proved to many that the North Carolina emcee wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. And while much has changed since that fateful September, DaBaby's work ethic is as steady as ever before. It would appear he's coming through with a brand new album as early as Friday: Blame It On Baby. 

DaBaby Blame It On Baby

Roger Kisby/Getty Images 

Given the inclusion of a CD emoji, all signs certainly point to an album -- though it could theoretically be a new single. It should be noted that prior to the release of Baby's most recent single "Find My Way," Baby was doing his best to preview the melodic banger, nearly revealing the entire song in the process. Here, all we have so far is a contemplative and highly topical cover, one that certainly captures the aesthetic of either an album or a mixtape. 

Please note that this is simply speculation, and until Baby himself confirms what we're dealing with, the true nature of Blame It On Baby shall remain a mystery. Still, we should remain cautiously that we're about to get a heavy dose of new music from DaBaby, a commodity that will not go unappreciated during this admittedly trying time. Check out the artwork below, and look for this mysterious new project to arrive on Friday -- what do you think we're about to get?