The case surrounding Da Brat and Shayla Stevens (the cheerleader who got a bottle to her head by the rapper) is seemingly far from over. According to new reports from The Blast, Shayla is now dragging Mariah Carey and Jermaine Dupri into the case since requesting receipts from both stars to see if they have been financially supporting Da Brat. 

The "Wachu Like" rapper filed for bankruptcy which put her $8,155,731 million judgment ($6 million plus interest) to Shayla on hold, but the former cheerleader wants her to prove that she's really not making money and is really bankrupt. Shayla wants to see records from both Mariah and Jermaine as well as docs from Growing Up Hip Hop in Atlanta, Dish Nation, The Rickey Smiley Morning Radio Show, Sony Music, and other possible income venues.

Shayla wants proof of anything related to work “(whether compensated or not), including but not limited to her public statement that she has the ability to obtain funds to pay Plaintiff in this case from either Jermaine Dupri or Mariah Carey.”