The scandal surrounding R. Kelly has raised many questions, but one that's brought up frequently is: where were the parents? This question, in particular, is typically brought up by those who don't believe the accusers' stories or simply don't want to accept that these allegations could actually be true. Da Brat, whose relationship with R. Kelly goes way back, doesn't say that she does not believe the accusers, but at the same time, believes the parents should take accountability.

Chris Weeks/Liaison

While speaking to TMZ at the Trumpet Awards in Atlanta, Da Beat was asked about the allegations against R. Kelly right now. Although she did acknowledge that Kellz likely needs help and that she doesn't think that the women in Surviving R. Kelly are spreading falsehoods, she does make it clear that she'll always be riding with R. Kelly. The two went to the same high school in Chicago and Kellz actually penned her first demo. 

"I've never seen him do anything bad, but I don't believe all these people are lying, but at the same time, where are the parents? So I think he needs help for sure -- I love him, I hope he don't get mad at me -- and I think the parents need to take responsibility," she said. "Where is your fourteen-year-old child? Why aren't you there? Something's wrong with that."

Peep the clip below.