After decades of rumors about her personal life, Da Brat has recently confirmed that she's in a relationship with Miracle Drops mogul Jesseca Dupart. The pair have shared that they weren't necessarily hiding their romance from the masses, but for the first time, Da Brat has revealed intimate details of her relationship. While speaking with her co-hosts on The Rickey Smiley Morning Show, Brat said she just held back for so long because when she came onto the scene, people weren't as accepting as they are today.

"I guess I should say something about it since this is the show that I'm on and everybody else talking about," Da Brat said. "I've always been an advocate for privacy, pretty much to protect the interest of the other party, because if you're not used to this life and the scrutiny that come with it, it can break you. I've been talked about for way over 20 years so I'm kinda conditioned for it and my coat of armor is pretty thick so I've learned what to say and what not to say in the battles that I decide to choose to fight, which most of the time I just stay silent and let people speculate."

"I've never confirmed anything because you know in the '90s it wasn't cool back in the day," she continued. Brat said she was nervous because she's not very public with her personal life and it's the first time she's talked about her sexuality so openly. "But when you get blessed and somebody, when you wasn't even looking for nobody, love you like you never been loved before, it's like a whole different experience... She love me from my hair follicles down to my toenails. She inspire me. She believe in me. She motivate me. She accept me for who I am. My past, my faults, my mistakes. We can talk about any and everything... and on top of that, she spoil me." Listen to Da Brat speak about her relationship in full below.