Cynthia Nixon is known for playing the strongly headed lawyer, Miranda, on the former series Sex and the City that aired for about six years. Since then she's had minor roles in series, most notably Broad City, but has really taken a new path since running for New York governor. 

Having been born and raised in the Big Apple, Cynthia knows the city like the back of her hand and even shared some of her political visions in her first official interview with none other than Wendy Williams.

When asked why she'll make a good candidate she simply said: "Well, I love New York. I believe so much in New York and I believe that we’re a real progressive bastion."

She mentioned that Donald Trump's election was a huge "real wake-up call," motivating her to run even more.

"If we don’t like the direction our government is going in, we have to step up and we have to get involved like never before, so that' what I'm doing,” she said.

As for other important tasks, Cynthia said she's “absolutely for the legalization of marijuana,” adding, “let’s capture some of that revenue.”