Cynthia Erivo is the gorgeous British actress who stars as activist Harriet Tubman in the recent movie adaption of the beloved figure's life. While Cynthia pulled in some online remarks regarding her being cast as Harriet as a British woman, all thoughts are now history since the film has received numerous nominations from prestigious award shows. 

Presley Ann/Getty Images 

In light of the film - that's currently in theatres - Cynthia paid a visit to the TODAY show to discuss the power of her role. The trio of hosts asked asked Cynthia questions on the movie finally coming to life since it was decades in the making. "It was a huge relief," she said of Harriet finally being out. "People who have worked really hard [...] I so wanted it to go well for them and for me. They had put so much time and effort into it that I was just itching for people to see it."

On the topic of the most interesting thing Cynthia pulled from playing Harriet, it was her faith. "How much her faith played a part in her journey," she said. "Her actual physical journey to freedom and her journey back and forth to save the enslaved people. She was so close to her faith and it was astounding."