Love & Hip Hop star, Cyn Santana, shared some intimate details about her life on a recent episode of the reality television show. Her testimony was prompted by a therapy session facilitated by Dr. Jenn. The first issue to be addressed was Santana's depression which flared after the birth of her first child. After digging deeper into the root of the problem, the subject of sexual abuse was discussed. View the clip after the jump. 

Brian Ach/Getty Images 

Cyn began by describing her most flagrant struggle. "It's hard because I'm dealing with postpartum depression...and he's really busy," she explains with a tone made raspy by crying. "It's not just Joe. I feel stuck, being a young mom. I don't want to feel like it's impeding my life, you know?" her husband's suggestion to simply "get a nanny" is out of the question. While she compared herself to her own mother raised her without a partner, she seemed to indicate wanting to be able to take on motherhood as fiercely. It is later revealed that her resistance towards hiring a nanny stems from her being raped by a caretaker as a child. "My mom doesn't even know," Cyn recalled. "When i was five, I was raped. But I was raped by a woman."

She was encouraged to speak about it to avoid being buried under feelings of shame. Joe Budden, who was already aware of this traumatic past, teared up as he seemed to gain a deeper understanding of his wife's current trials.