CyHi The Prynce recently made headlines over renewed interest in his writing credits on Travis Scott's Astroworld, essentially confirming that he has been steadily holding it down as one of hip-hop's unsung hit-writers. And while it's been relatively quiet where his own music is concerned, CyHi did manage to ruffle feathers with a strong take on the ongoing Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion situation. Now, another new development concerning CyHi has opened the door to further concerns, as seen on both his Twitter and Instagram pages.

CyHi The Prynce

Image via HNHH

"Free CyHi," reads the image, in deep orange font. No further context as to when, how, or why CyHi was taken into custody to begin with was provided. Upon clicking the link in his bio, users are redirected to "", where a message reads as follows: #Free CyHi. TOGETHER WE CAN. Fans can make donations towards releasing CyHi, fund mental illness & prison reform initiatives. Write Cyhi letters directly showing support and share your stories of loved ones who are wrongfully imprisoned." An address can be found directly at the site.

Given the mysterious and relatively bizarre nature of the situation, some have speculated that CyHi is in the midst of launching a rollout of sorts. Others seem to feel he's been hacked, though the entire website feels a little too thoroughly designed for that. Of course, it's entirely possible that CyHi was indeed arrested and wrongfully imprisoned, though the silence on that front is indeed suspicious. So is 2 Chainz' response to the Instagram post, for that matter -- "Shit what we doin ball," he writes, lined with mischievous laughter emojis. 

In light of Kanye West's ongoing war against major labels, some have reasoned that CyHi has taken up arms for the cause. As such, it can be interpreted that the freedom he seeks is actually related to his record deal, though it's as of yet unclear. Check out "Free CyHi" below.