In recent months, Joe Budden has been more assertive about the fact that he's never coming out of retirement. He has found a new platform that works perfectly for him as he shares his often ferocious opinions on the culture. If he won't get back on the mic to respond to Eminem, there's probably not a sum of cash that would entice him to battle CyHi The Prynce. Budden previously responded to CyHi on his podcast, speaking on the proposed $500K rap battle and saying, "I don’t think that CyHi has 500 grand of disposable income." Today, Cy decided that he has time and the G.O.O.D. Music artist doubled down on his wishes to battle Budden on the mic.

"Joe my guy but I will end his rap and podcast career," threatened CyHi. For years, the artist has been underutilized when it comes to his own music but it's well-known that he has incredible songwriting skills, becoming a ghostwriter for much of the industry. He said, "I’m the wrong 1 to play with but if he wants to put 500k up let’s get it and we doing it face to face too so you can look the GOD in his eyes while I take your SOUL." Responding to a fan who asked where all the energy was when Joe wasn't retired, CyHi simply said that he wasn't a hater then.

Of course, Budden has been actively responding to the messages, telling CyHi that he wasn't "c**ning" a few years ago, which is why he hates on him now. Joe has been adamant about not getting back into music but we can't lie... this is something we would want to see happen.