CyHi The Prynce forwarded news of a project exclusively-produced by Kanye West back in June. The news was met with both surprise and delight -- surprise by those who've grown accustomed to watching CyHi watch all the action from the sidelines. A lot of championship-caliber teams leave talented role players on the bench. It's up to them to stay limber and perform when called upon. 

One of the "critics" to cast doubt over the supposed Kanye-produced album's completion was right to question its provenance, based on history alone. But DeMario Jackson did misconstrue a few of CyHi The Prince's well-intended words along the way, namely the notion that his album was the next on queue following the projects already announced by G.O.O.D. Music incorporated.

"I never said my album was next he said let’s work on it the albums you heard this summer were albums that we’ve been working on for 2 years," prodded CyHi in his defense. He nevertheless took the occasion to reaffirm Kanye's "commitment" to the project. Interestingly, he also added that above all else, "he deserved the same time" as the rest of the squad. Could that be a jab, Kanye West? Even if it were a jab, I doubt CyHi would come right out and say it, in a more detailed manner.