CyHi The Prynce's debut album, No Dope on Sunday, is finally on the way. The rapper who recently killed (unsurprisingly) Sway's Five Fingers of Death freestyle challenge, was down at SXSW this year busy doing press in promotion of the long-awaited debut.

We've already heard about a few of the features on the album, which he teased again during our interview -- naming G.O.O.D Music pals like Pusha T and Travis Scott. Alongside an already-touted single with ScHoolboy Q titled "Moving Around," CyHi announced a single with his G.O.O.D. Music boss and mentor Kanye West, who is also named as the album's executive producer. By the way, CyHi played both of these singles while we were in Austin with him, and they are just as fire as all of the collaborator names would indicate. 

"Me and Kanye wanna put out a single, so I'm about to blast that one off, and also I have a song with ScHoolboy Q that's called 'Moving Around' that is like smash...It's smash-able," CyHi says. As for the album's expected release, he narrowed it down for us a bit further from Spring/Summer to a month: June. However don't hold your breathe just yet, "It's June right now," he says, "but I'm about to put out two smash singles and it might expedite it or they might say no, we're doing well." 

Finally, if you haven't heard the reasoning behind the album's title, CyHi touched on that as well: "I like to challenge the thinker, the listener, and moreso challenge my neighborhood and community. It's just a thing where I got a lot of guys is in the streets, a lot of my partners is in the streets. It's moreso the challenges that happen on twitter - this challenge and this challenge, ALS challenge, this is the 'No Dope on Sunday' challenge. This is just me giving my community and giving my friends some time to asses your situation and where you at in your life."

At the very end of our interview, we have him attempt to choose his favorite mixtape from his own discography -- check the video below to see his answer. What would be your pick? Let us know in the comments.