Underrated/overrated is a fickle game, but the consensus is that  Cyhi the Prynce is UNDERRATED -- at least until he releases his debut album No Dope on Sunday lataer this year. In a HNHH interview down at SXSW, Cyhi spoke on the "underrated" label, why he skims literature (but doesn't read), and the progress of G.O.O.D. Music's long-awaited compilation album Cruel Winter.

"It's both sides of the coin, but I do like it," Cyhi said of being "underrated." "A lot of my fans don't understand my business situation. They just want music! To be able to hold on and sustain the mystique that I have throughout the year, and my situation was terrible -- now I have the greatest situation in the world. It's like, 'oh, we're about to kick ass!' So, being underrated, it's cool for me, because it lets me know people still respect what I have to say."

The conversation moved along to the status of Cruel Winter. "You know what's crazy about Cruel Winter?" Cyhi said. "The only person who could really get everyone in the room at one time and make them sit down for a month or two is Kanye West."

"Me and [Travis Scott] always to try and get everybody in, so we have a bunch of incomplete songs that's complete, if you know what I mean," he continued. "It might have Trav, me, Big Sean on it. But it's not finished to our liking. It's almost like we just go in there and spar and have fun. So we do have the records, we haven't [finished] as far as production-wise and artist-wise."

"After my album, that's the first thing me and Trav want to do. He want to go off tour, I told him when I come off my tour, we both can go in."

Watch the full interview below.

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