CyHi The Prynce released his debut (!) album today, No Dope on Sundays, an extensive body of work, from the length of the songs, to the detail in the content, to the intricate and lavish production. All that to say, we're here for it. The elder rapper stopped by our NYC office to speak in-depth on the new release, and while doing that, he shared some insight as to Kanye West's role within the album and beyond. 

In the interview, which you can watch in full above, CyHi reveals the kinds of unreleased records that are currently sitting in Kanye West's studio sash. 

"You know who got the gold vault? Ye got the gold vault. He got songs with me, Cudi. Me, 2 Chainz, Me and Big Sean, me and Big Sean going back and forth songs, me and Ye going back and forth on songs, it's like damn." CyHi jokes, "That has it's own security guard." We can only hope these collaborations will eventually see the light of day.

CyHi also big ups 2 Chainz's studio work ethic right before diving into Ye's vault talk, and takes credit for actually introducing Tity Boi to Kanye. "People don't know, I hooked Ye and 2 Chainz up. That lets you know I'm not a hater," he starts.

"He [2 Chainz] came to the G.O.O.D. Music sessions, Cruel Summer. He only could stay for like a day or two," CyHi reveals. "We had five songs that he had to do, right. I seen 2 Chainz rap five verses, in two hours. Like, Jay Z-level one take. "Mercy" was done one take, every verse he had on G.O.O.D. Music album was one take. Like he impressed me, Jay Z impressed me. I'm like, 'n*gga what the hell, this project-ass n*gga can do this?' That's when you knew Black people incredible, man." He adds, "He's one of the best MCs in the South, hands down. Not rapper, MC. Like, bars."

Do you agree with that statement? Let us know. Expect a part two of this interview to arrive on Monday.