Nerissa Reaves is a college professor who also happens to be a model and entrepreneur. Although her physical appearance is only purposefully on display when she moonlights as the business owner of a fitness company and when she partakes in photoshoots, her curves have earned the attention of social media users in the context of her being a teacher. Reaves received loads of criticism for the attire she chooses to wear to class.

The language teacher has since spoken up in a statement via Instagram: "Tons of professors at my school wear jeans and heels. Yes, I understand that my shape causes a lot of attention on social media but in real life it's a bit different. My students focus on the lecture and lessons and they all work hard to achieve results."

She also took the time to dispell rumors about her status of employment, since some gossip outlets have been circulating the "fake news" that Reaves had been fired. One headline stated that her employment was terminated due to "too much booty."

"The premise of this doesn't even make sense. Discriminating against men or women based on their looks is illegal. Where did this lie come from? I am very much still employed with even more job opportunities that have come to the table since this whole issue arose a few days ago."

Peep some of her modeling looks below.