New Orleans native Curren$y might be part cyborg. Either that or they’re putting something in the weed down there, because the man is prolific in a way that few other artist can achieve and still retain top quality.

According to Wikipedia, Curren$y has released 12 albums and 33 mixtapes. That doesn’t count the endless features and one of singles he’s released either, all while touring, working on his Jet Life clothing label and discovering rappers like Stalley. Oh, can’t forget his recently released The Owners Manual mixtape, which hasn’t even made its way onto the Wikipedia page yet.

Patiently waiting for The Carollton Heist we’ve put together a list of Curren$y’s Top 5 Mixtapes (or “free projects,” since the quality is so good on most). It wasn’t easy. Let us know how far we have our heads up our asses in the comments section.