Curren$y's "Spaceship" Outlines His Perfect World: No Human, Only Car

Devin Ch
August 03, 2018 17:41

Curren$y's car fetish reaches bedlam.

Curren$y delivers a visual story for his single "Spaceship," with T.Y. Yep "Spaceship" is yet another allusion to dinky cars. I relate to Curren$y because as a young child, playing with my dinky cars gave me absolute serenity. Even lopsided Mattel vehicles were loped into a vehicular crash site, but never the tomato-red F-40 I kept in mint condition on the top of my dresser.

Curren$y may not have outgrown his fascination with dye-cast models, but quite gradually they've evolved into motorized vehicles with manual transmissions. The absolute necessity of his Jet Life aspirations was consummated long ago. On "Spaceship" Spitta rues getting pulled over by cops for driving "foreigns." T.Y. throws pleated racks of money on the hood of a Benzo just the way it was prophesied in shop class. 

The video directed by Dexstr8dope intersplices images of a city skyline with closeups of the two rappers stunting next to their whips. Footage of Tony Montana drowning into despair also pops up within the opening frames, but truth be told, Curren$y strikes me as a Motor Trend hobbyist more so than a deranged kingpin, wouldn't you say?

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