If you're awaiting the next Curren$y project, The Drive In Theater, heed that he will be releasing the project as a BitTorrent bundle. If you're unaware of BitTorrent, know that it is a Peer 2 Peer data sharing method, one which aided in crippling the music industry but is now being used by artists such as Curren$y and for Jet-Life's Red Eye mixtape. To use a torrent, you will need a client, like BitTorrent or UTorrent, but is otherwise fairly easy to use.

On this, Curren$y's manager, Mousa Hamdan, commented, saying:

"There are no rules – and if there are any, we're making them. New material has a shorter shelf life, and fans have a shorter attention span. You have to keep coming out with new music and new content to keep them coming back. You have to constantly be thinking about new ways to drop content, and new ways to reach listeners." 

The mixtape will be released on Feb. 14, and you will be able to access the BitTorrent package on Jet-Life's new site.