Curren$y, like us all, is breathing a great sigh of relief with the news of Rick Ross' return from a reported "life or death situation." He seems to have had a premonition that his friend's time wasn't up.

In celebration of Rick Ross' return from the hospital, Curren$y has dedicated an Instagram post to his health and prosperity, insisting that the Miami rapper/mogul should mark his return by copping "7 more 2-Door Range Rovers," while humbly asserting that he ought to buy at least 2 for himself. Curren$y then signs his letter by upholding the health is wealth doctrine, which is to say that our well being is more valuable than any financial windfall.

The majority of the hip hop community has been supportive of Ross during these trying times. Gone are the days where his past profession as a corrections officer was a real thorn in his side. His public image has basically repaired itself, to the point where making a joke about his health in recent days has been looked upon as crude. We continue to wish Rozay a speedy recovery.