We're still waiting on Curren$y's previously announced Back At Burnie's, but it would appear the acclaimed marijuana connoisseur has alternate plans. Spitta recently took to Instagram to make a welcome announcement, and while it's not exactly shedding any light on his upcoming full-length, it should be enough to satiate some of the more ardent fans. In lieu of a return to Burnie's, it would appear the pilot is taking us on a nautical-bound detour. 

As of this evening, Curren$y has officially announced The Marina EP, a joint project alongside Harry Fraud. While he didn't exactly hook us up with a release date (simply the much-reviled "coming soon), he did share the action-figure inspired artwork. The idea of a tape entirely made up of Curren$y and Harry Fraud is undoubtedly appealing, and while we have no discernible idea when this might be dropping, it wouldn't be surprising to see the New Orleans rapper drop something off on 4/20, like he did with last year's The Fo20 Massacre. Perhaps smokers will be able to ring in the celebration with the smooth tones of Curren$y Spitta and Harry Fraud.

What do ya'll think? Is anyone checking for new Curren$y? Sound off below.