Curren$y is fresh off his long delayed project with Wiz Khalifa, Live In Concert. Seeing as the 4/20 EP was his 16th effort since 2011, it's not a surprise that he already has something else in the pipeline. The Stoned Immaculate rapper spoke with HipHopDX recently about the upcoming edition of his Pilot Talk series, and his collection of muscle cars, which often show up in his cover artwork.

Fans will be pleased to hear that Spitta is teaming up with Ski Beatz once again for Pilot Talk III. The producer was best known for his beatwork on Jay-Z's Reasonable Doubt, before joining forces with Curren$y to create their signature brand of hazily lush weed rap made famous by the first to installments of the series. Andretti expressed that he would like to take a similar recording approach to PT3, dedicating himself entirely to the project, even going as far as to sleep in the studio.

The rapper described his intentions for the new album. “It’s a feeling,” he explained, adding, “Pilot Talk I and II is about that house, like if you look at the artwork, it’s about the things I was trying to assemble in my life. The material things I needed to get from the game, even though, it’s not about material shit but you have to look at it to know what you’re hustling for.”

“If you look at the artwork,” he added, “You see the house with all the rooms, it was getting furnished, then with Pilot Talk II, you saw the driveway and all the cars and shit and that was all the actual shit that I had bought after the first Pilot Talk.”

“So now I’ve moved into another crib, got a whole grip of wheels and shit and I’ve hustled, done so much other shit, so now I can talk about it and we can go in again, so I can tell them how to get this new shit I got.”

Spitta then talked briefly on his muscle car collection. “I only bought one [Chevrolet El Camino],” he revealed, continung,“I bought two [Chevrolet] Monte Carlos... I have three Impala SSes. Two burgandy and one green one.”

Andretti expressed that his collection is as much an investment as it is a hobby. “The reason I did this... is because in about 30 years when I got silver hair, I’ll be at Barrett Jackson Auction and I’m gonna sell one of those for probably about 70 racks.” The rapper stressed the importance of thinking ahead. “I’m trying to plan it out,” he said. “You’re older for longer than you’re younger so you gotta have that shit all planned out.” 

Curren$y had little to say about his pending lawsuit against Dame Dash, for the Muscle Car Chronicles project Dash released withpout his permission. “I didn’t know it came out,” he reveaked. “I just smoked more weed.” After inquiring with his manager on whether he could aswer further questions on the subject, Spitta was shut down pretty quickly, but expressed playfully that he did try. “I tried to get you the answer though. See?”

Despite legal battles and the like, Curren$y maintains a pretty carefree attitiude. “There’s no reason to be pissed that dude got a Lambo if you’ve got a Ferrari. You know? I just want everybody to get along.”