Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose finally tied the knot at the beginning of the week. As we all saw, Amber Rose celebrated the night before the big day by twerking in her wedding dress. Wiz Khalifa was undoubtedly smoking. 

One of Wiz's frequent collaborators and fellow weed advocate, Curren$y, missed out on the wedding ceremonies though, because his favorite substance hindered him. Marijuana is known to make you forgetful, and thus Curren$y completely blanked on his friend's wedding.

While talking to TMZ, Spitta revealed, "I wanna say congrats to Wiz on his wedding. We were totally like baked and I totally just smoked off my appearance."

Nonetheless the New Orleans native assures us it's all good. "But he knows it's love and we definitely spoke and it's all good," the Hot Spitta said.