Curren$y Plays "This Or That" | Presented by Hotnewhiphop

HNHH Staff
December 10, 2015 14:03

Curren$y selects his favorite strains, whips, and munchies on the latest episode of "This or That."

Fresh off the release of his fifth album, Canal St. Confidential, Curren$y came through HNHH to participate in a highly entertaining round of This or That. Right off the bat, it's evident that this will be an informative episode, as Spitta selects Gushers over Fruit Roll-Ups, even though "sometimes dat pack might get smashed."

We go on to quiz the New Orleans underground king on his marijuana preferences, including indica vs. sativa. Indica is supposedly the "couch weed," causing many of Spitta's homies to not want to do anything. Though Curren$y is of a different breed -- "I guess I always feel like that and I do everything."

Spitta already had an answer to the episode's final question -- Wraith vs. Mulsanne -- and says he'll unveil which of the two luxury models he recently purchased in the next few days.

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HNHH TV Curren$y Plays "This Or That" | Presented by Hotnewhiphop