We've already established that Curren$y's perfect world consists of no human, only car. Yet such things have likely changed, given the arrival of his newborn son. Yet Curren$y has wasted little time in bringing his two worlds together; not one day after the little boy was born, so too have the teachings commenced. Taking to Instagram to share an adorable moment of father-son bonding, Spitta has already started rigging the game in his favor. Like playing Beethoven to a sleeping infant, Curren$y has made it a point to have footage of majestic muscle "Cars" surrounding his young son at any and all times.

"Schooling my son on day one," writes Spitta, as his young baby rests gently upon his chest. On the television is a recurring loop of a muscle car, no doubt planting a valuable seed in the young infant's subconscious. In all seriousness, the interaction between a father and his newborn son is special to behold. Salute to Curren$y for this one!