In a recent interview with AllHipHop, Curren$y, who is constantly putting out new music, spoke on what projects he has in the works.

He only just dropped his EP with Harry Fraud, Cigarette Boats, but the content from Spitta never stops.  Read below for his updates on some of his many projects.

On Pilot Talk 3: "That can happen, I talked to Skee, me and Dame talked, I'm talkin'. Cause I wouldn't be able to do that without all parties involved in the first two...everything gotta be ironed out and we could do that shit."

On Puff Daddy with Chuck Inglish: "Yo, man. Me & Chuck are definitely gunna do that. We're just gunna have to rent a house on the beach or something and, like, get on some Entourage shit and just bang that shit out in a minute, man. I got one of beats in my e-mail already, and I've had it forever. There's just so much shit that's going on... that is a project that we're gunna sit down and really work on. We might have to go retail."

On Live in Concert with Wiz Khalifa: "It's already done. It's in my computer. We did that shit wayyy when I was on crutches... I had that shit in the computer forever, we just waitin' on the right time to put it out. It woulda been on the fourth of July but it was just fitting to put it out on the anniversary of How Fly...we puttin' it out on the anniversary of How Fly."

On a full-length project with Big K.R.I.T.: "Yo, whenever he takes the time out, you know what I'm sayin', whenever he takes the time out to text me back, man. He's so busy, he's so busy, he forgot about his little brother. Nah, man, but I definitely want some old 90s era shit...and I want homie to produce that shit."

Watch the full interview below.