Curren$y may very well be the most prolific man in hip-hop, and that's saying something. This year alone, Spitta has delivered no shortage of new music, including a recent drop with Berner by the name of Pheno Grigio. And while that project was an enjoyable romp through purple haze and sunshine, Spitta has somehow found time to line up a full-fledged solo album before summer's end. Enter Hot August Nights, the latest endeavor from Jet Life Records, arriving rather appropriately in the month of August.

Image via HNHH

Whether the night of its release will prove "hot" across the board is anybody's guess. What is certain, however, is that Spitta will once again bring his expected level of unwavering consistency. The man has yet to falter in an egregious fashion, remaining imaginative in his depictions of both muscle cars and marijuana. One can never betray their lot in life. 

Are you still expecting Curren$y to deliver a showstopping project? If so, what are you expecting from Hot August Nights? All things considered, his release tally currently hovers around sixty projects of both the mixtape and the album variety. Placing this one in the grand scheme of things may prove difficult, but Curren$y has always been a master of navigation. Look for Hot August Nights to arrive on August 16th.