Last night, fans were extremely worried for Chicago rapper CupcakKe after she tweeted that she was about to commit suicide. Earlier in the day, she had posted about an abusive relationship and some fans believe that may have been the reason for her suicidal message. After the artist tweeted out the troubling statement, fans rushed to provide her comfort, replying and ensuring her that they're there for her through whatever she's facing. Her personal friends tried to contact her, including comedian Elijah Daniel, who said that the text messages were not going through. He frantically tried to inform Chicago Police of what was happening and they confirmed that CupcakKe is safe after she was taken to the hospital. 

The most recent tweet from CupcakKe's account is still the suicidal message and her team has not updated any of her pages. However, it has been confirmed by Elijah Daniel that a wellness check was performed at her house before the rapper was brought to the hospital.

The artist, real name Elizabeth Eden Harris, is well-known for her highly-sexualized lyrics and energetic performances. CupcakKe has her own lane and nobody is really trying to invade it, making her one of the most unique acts in music today. Hopefully, CupcakKe is well.