Last night, CupcakKe took a lot of heat for dissing K-Pop artist, Chungha. For those who don't know, K-Pop stans are an incredibly loyal bunch and after CupcakKe went after one of their faves, they went for blood. 

It started with CupcakKe retweeting a video of Chungha performing and claiming that she "CAN NOT DANCE FOR SHIT." She was then accused of racism for making fun of Chungha's name. A simple search will show that a large faction of Twitter users were angered by this comment.

Earlier in the evening, CupcakKe also took not-so-subtle shots at Camila Cabello. She tweeted, "Your 'fav' that use to be in that lil pop group is racist but WBK." She then suggested that she attained revenge on Cabello by having sex with her boyfriend, Shawn Mendes, who CupcakKe referred to as "the fine gay guy." She alleged this in another tweet that read, "Yes sis... I fucked your man... & I did it on purpose since your racist & that's the TEA."

She later intimated in a devastating Instagram Live session that all these tweets were intended to attract attention before announcing her retirement. She told fans, "Recently, the past night and today, I just been sporadic and it's because I wanted to get as much attention as possible to let y'all know that I will no longer be doing music. And all of my music will be coming off of every platform." Wrapped in a comforter in a hotel room, CupcakKe explained that, upon looking out at the crowd on her current tour, she felt as if she was corrupting the youth. She said she was calling off the tour because she couldn't bear watching kids of all ages singing along to her raunchy songs. 

In the Instagram Live, which was recorded by a friend, she also revealed that she had developed a gambling addiction and lost $700,000 in the casino. All these factors compounded her decision to quit music. She said she would remove all her music from streaming platforms, and has already removed all her Instagram posts and deleted her Twitter.

Earlier this year, CupcakKe scared fans by tweeting that she was about to commit suicide and later apologized for the public display of her depression. Hopefully she will bounce back from this bout of sadness and realize that her music is a positive force in this world.