"No Jumper" interviews are usually worth watching as buzzing artists often pass by Adam22's shop to discuss their growing careers. His interview patterns usually focus on current events and things that are noteworthy in their lives. A lot of the time, that's beef. When Cuban Doll swung by his studio to chat, she wanted to focus on her music career. Adam, however, was more concerned about all the drama that Cuban has been involved with. The entire thing is awkward to watch as the artist fails to speak into the microphone a lot of the time. The most cringe-worthy moment though was when she walked out of the room after a question was asked about Trippie Redd, Chief Keef, and Tadoe's song "I Kill People." 

The song came out around the time Cuban accused her ex-boyfriend, Tadoe, of domestic violence. That was a few months ago but it's clearly still a touchy subject for the Dallas rapper. The Doll rolled her eyes after Adam22 warned her of a question that would be unrelated to music before asking, "'Shorty know I kill people, real people.' Do you feel responsible for that meme?" She paused for a moment before declaring, "we done," and walking out.

Adam probably should have sensed that his guest wasn't feeling it before pushing even further with the "messy" questions. Cuban clearly wanted no part in the interview but she seemed a little standoffish from the beginning. Watch the video below.