We're only 13 days into 2021 and things have been wild. The political arena in the United States is a beast all its own, but pop culture is following close behind. Earlier today, rapper Cuban Doll and King Von's sister Kayla were involved in a heated Twitter Fingers fight as they slang insults at each other. The ladies had been going at it for hours and then, Kayla asked Cuban Doll if she wanted to meet up so they could settle their verbal spat. A location was set and the women let their fists fly.

Cuban Doll, Kayla, King Von's Sister, Fight

The reasoning behind their beef is unclear but it looks as if this has been brewing for a while and Kayla claimed that King Von told her Cuban Doll tried to sleep with him. Soon, videos of the fight began to circulate showing hair-grabbing, fists flying, and minor bloodshed. Following the brawl, Cuban Doll hopped on Instagram Live to deny that she'd lost the fight while Kayla was back on Twitter retweeting followers who praised her for taking on the rapper.

It seems that the public played a part in this one by egging on the animosity, and while we can't post the fight here, it's an easy find if you're really interested. Check out posts from both women below.


Cuban Doll, King Von, Sister, Fight