Back in June, Cuba Gooding Jr. was hanging out at Magic Hour Rooftop Bar and Lounge in New York when a woman accused him of groping her breast, leading her to call the police and file charges against the Snow Dogs actor. Cuba turned himself over to the authorities for questioning and continued to deny the allegations against him. “I trust the system, and the process speaks for itself,” he said of the incident, claiming video surveillance would prove he didn't do it. 

Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

CNN now reports that Cuba was set to head to court today (September, 3rd) but it's been pushed back. The publication details how Cuba and his team were ready to attend the hearing but the Manhattan District Attorney's Office argued for a later start. Cuba will have to head back to court on October 10th to defend his innocence. 

"There is not a scintilla of criminal culpability that can be attributed to Mr. Cuba Gooding Jr. after I have extensively, with my staff, reviewed the video of almost two hours which reflects the entire event," Cuba's lawyer, Mark Heller previously stated. "I am totally confident that when a jury of Cuba Gooding Jr.'s peers assess all of the exculpatory evidence in this case, that he will be totally exonerated."