Cuba Gooding Jr. headed to court today to begin trial for his sexual misconduct case from when a woman accused him of groping her breasts at New York bar back in June. His court attendance was probably not what the Radio actor was expecting since Assistant District Attorney Jenna Long revealed that Cuba has another charge on his name that's sealed in documents from a “previously uncharged incident.”

Cuba must now be arraigned on the new indictment before trial kicks off next week. Details on Cuba's second charge will be disclosed during that time since he's set to appear in court on Tuesday. 

Taylor Hill/Getty Images

When Cuba was first accused of groping earlier in the summer, he turned himself into police and denied any wrongdoing. “I trust the system, and the process speaks for itself,” Cuba previously stated. “All I have to say is the following, in this time and age we need to let people speak for themselves, we have to let people express themselves. And now I’m giving the process the chance to show what really happened, what went down.”

Despite Cuba's charges, he's maintained his social lifestyle and has been spotted partying and carrying on with friends up until his trial