If you were worried that your old Crocs simply weren't swaggy enough anymore, Crocs has officially teamed with Japanese clothing line Beams to launch the "Bespoke Pocket Crog." In other words, a Croc with a miniature fanny pack attached - because it's 2019 and why the hell not.

Charlotte Hornets fans who get down with Crocs will be happy to learn that the "Bespoke Pocket Crog" is currently available in Ultraviolet and Tropical Teal colorways, a perfect match for that Cody Zeller jersey.

Beams x Crocs

In addition to the fanny pack Crocs (priced at approximately $53), the new Beams collab also features Crocs with sun visors, fringes, and jewels - as seen in the IG post embedded below.