The buzz around Cristiano Ronaldo is palpable, more so than World Cup fixtures taking place right as we speak. The speculation has resulted in Juventus' share price soaring so high, they had to issue a statement of their own on number inflation. In case you missed it Serie A have reached an agreement with Ronaldo over his transfer, the only standing in the way is Real Madrid's approval of their €100 million bid.

The statement reads as follows: "Upon Consob's request, following recent media coverage, Juventus Football Club S.p.A. clarifies that, during the transfer window, the Company evaluates many market opportunities and, if any agreement should be reached, a press release will be issued in compliance with the regulations."

In other words, Juventus is telling buyers to hold their horses until an agreement is reached. If and when it occurs, Juventus want to be the first to report it. Cover stories such as the one below were rampant in Spanish daily periodicals. While reports in Europe seem to indicate terms have been discussed, sources close to ESPN believe nothing of that nature has been discussed.

Ronaldo mania has never-the-less reached the Italian peninsula, with gelato shops in Turin launching a "CR7 Cup" of ice cream in anticipation for the Italian leg of his career. Since he's already conquered England and Spain, moving to Italy would be a logical step in his illustrious career.