Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott could be suspended by the NFL due to allegations that he committed five acts of domestic violence in a six-day window.

Throughout the offseason rumors have been swirling that a suspension is imminent. 

In fact, on today's taping of "Undisputed" on Fox Sports 1, Cris Carter said he would be shocked if Zeke was not suspended in the next 48 hours.

Carter told Undisputed, per Ryan Glasspiegel of TheBigLead.com, that “in the next 48 hours I would be shocked if Zeke was not suspended.” He added, “based on the information that’s going to come out, it’s going to be fairly easy to determine that something happened to this woman in her four days of being with Zeke.”

Additionally, Carter stated that “when the information comes out there’s going to be some similarities” to Tom Brady’s four-game suspension, specifically pertaining to “information that he had been advised possibly to give up, that was destroyed.”

Check out CC's comments on the rumored suspension below.