Just yesterday, news broke that Dallas Cowboys defensive end Randy Gregory was suspended indefinitely by the league for violating their substance abuse policy. Gregory has already been suspended in 2016 and 2017 for the same infractions, although he had a pretty successful 2018 with the Cowboys. Cris Carter, a former wide receiver who now works as an analyst on FS1's First Things First, talked about Gregory on his show this morning and explained how he's tried to help the player in the past.

"It's unfortunate for him," Carter explained. "He's one of a number of guys through the years I've tried to help. [I've] tried to give him the power through rehab, through the system of [Alcoholics Anonymous], through going to meetings. The system has worked for me for almost 30 years."

Carter has been open about his struggles with addiction in the past and said those experiences are what makes him feel for a guy like Gregory.

"He's struggled like a lot of talented other players have struggled with the disease," Carter said. "I wish people would look at [addiction] like cancer and if your cancer came back what would you do?"

Carter ended the segment by asking Gregory or anyone struggling with their demons to reach out to him.