Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant is a hotheaded dude. So aside from his on-field outbursts, you can expect he won’t take kindly to people going at him off the field either. Former NFL receiver and current talking head Cris Carter learned this when he called out Dez Bryant on Skip Bayless’ Fox Sports show "Undisputed" (where else?).

It’s no secret the star Cowboys wideout has been having a down year, between injuries and getting acquainted with new starting quarterback Dak Prescott. Carter wasn’t having those excuses though, stating, “there’s only 57 players targeted 90 times this season. Dez is the absolute worst – targeted 90 ties, only caught 52 percent of those passes.” Carter then got a little personal, telling Dez, “don’t DM me anymore.”

Pretty soon after the show aired, Dez Bryant couldn’t help himself and got a case of the Twitter fingers, tweeting at Cris Carter “man you a puppet.. I’ll see you around.” However, Bryant cooled off less then an hour later, deleting his original tweet and replacing it with a less specific, “I apologize it’s not worth it.” Check out a screenshot of the original tweet above.