Sometimes, life is stranger than fiction. And while the world possesses many brilliant analytical minds, occasional truths prove too difficult to comprehend. Can there really be intelligent life beyond our planet? And if so, how might they spend their time on our soil? Such questions have been pondered by scientists, science fiction writers, and vault-dwelling podcasters for generations. And more often than not, a shared conclusion is seldom reached. Consider the following security footage, captured by one Vivian Gomez from Colorado, and subsequently shared on Facebook. 

In the clip, captured during an otherwise quiet night, a strange being saunters across the driveway. It appears to be waddling, briefly breaking out in the "funky chicken," before continuing on its merry way. The creepy footage prompted many to speculate on what they were in fact witnessing, and thus, a spontaneous game of "Dobby, Alien, or Child" proceeded to transpire.

Of course, given that Dobby is a fictitious character from J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series likely omits his name from contention, despite the myriad jokes borne as a result. Yet the resemblance is admittedly uncanny; perhaps this truly is a multiverse, in which worlds can collide and bleed into one another - even the world of Harry Potter. It's also possible that the little guy was a curious extraterrestrial, likely lost and alone in a strange new world; though media oft portrays alien invaders as formidable, hyper-intelligent, this one seems at risk upon the first run-in with a cat in heat.

A third possibility exists, in which the being is but a child, albeit one with an admittedly alien gait. Such is the theory devised by forensic video analyst Conor McCourt, who spoke to Inside Edition about the viral clip. "My real suspicion is that it's a child," he suggests. "I'm seeing a highly reflective area in the head, it could be ponytails, it could be something else." As for questions of authenticity, he claims that the clip is indeed the real deal. "There's nothing to indicate that it's doctored." The truth is out there.