Antonio Brown was a New England Patriot for less than a month, but fans of the sports team still feel as if he was their longtime wide receiver. That's how they are acting at least. Sports Illustrated's Robert Klemko hopped on Twitter on Sunday and shared screenshots of Patriots fans threatening him. Klemko was the journalist who revealed that a second woman had accused Brown of sexual assault. Brown then allegedly texted the accuser, which is why the Patriots fired him. In the eyes of several Patriots fans, Klemko is responsible for AB being fired although those with common sense can see that Brown was his own worst enemy in this situation. 

"I really hope something happens to you," one fan messaged Klemko. "LIKE SOON and it will." Fans also accused Klemko of sitting on the story and waiting until Brown signed with the Patriots to run it. The fans go as far as exposing Klemko's address and phone number and told him to "watch [his] back." The Patriots have a pretty good defense this year and with proper planning, I'm sure they will end up back on top the AFC once again, with or without Antonio Brown's presence.