The Dallas Cowboys' rookie running back, Ezekiel Elliot was recently spotted at Seattle's Herban Legends recreational weed dispensary, and although it is a completely legal establishment Jerry Jones wasn't happy that he paid them a visit.

Before we continue, "Herban Legends" is an A1 name for a weed dispensary. Moving right along...

Jones wasn't necessarily upset that Elliot might be checking out some pot, but more so the fact that his trip to the dispensary has become something the media is talking about. 

"Well, I think that in and of itself the reason we are talking about it is in a way part of the learning process," Jones said about the pics to the Star-Telegram after Thursday night's game. 

"But it's not good. It's just not good. It's just not good."

"No matter if you played at whatever level there is a picture here of interest. So again, I’m aware of it. I heard the report and I would know how he is. And he needs to look at that and the other thing is it’s just not good. I don’t want to say anymore. I do want us do things that in general while it may not be wrong it’s just not good."

"Not good" like the time Jones was photographed getting a little weird with a couple of young women?

Elliot and the Boys will kick off their season on September 11th at home against the Giants, they won't return to Seattle unless it's a playoff matchup.