If you're a fan of Supreme, you're probably completely against fakes and are wary of them when you buy a piece off of a reseller. Although there are those out there who don't mind going for the fake stuff, it is cheaper, after all, just not recommended. Well, Supreme Italia, a brand that Supreme has acknowledged as a "counterfeit organization", according to the Verge, is now opening a flagship store in Shanghai. 

Yes, you read right. The fake Supreme brand that duped Samsung into partnering with them back in December, is getting their own store. According to Hypebeast, the store will be placed in the Huangpu District of Shanghai. The news was broken after someone walking by the storefront saw the large "Supreme" logo and decided to take a picture. It is reported that the store will be three stories and will sell clothing and beauty products.

In a report by Hypebeast, the real Supreme tried to sue Supreme Italia for selling fake products but ended up losing the battle in court. This means that Supreme Italia and other counterfeit brands like it have been allowed to continue to sell their fake merchandise.

There is no word yet on when this store will open.