Early this morning, MTV post a news article detailing their experience with an odd, Kanye West and NASA themed package they received. The package contained a box with NASA’ Jet Propulsion Lab logo, which contained a VHS tape that simply said ‘E PLURIBUS UNUM’, an all-white credit card that had Kanye West’s name, ‘PROJECT-10’, ‘8/10’, NASA and ‘772233688’. There was also a tiny case containing a small rock, also labeled ‘PROJECT-10’.

Googling the number on the credit card brings users to a video clip of grey static and white noise, hosted at a URL that matches the number. Underneath the video is text that reads ‘MARCH 20’, which is this coming Monday. The VHS tape played the same static for two hours. Depending on which albums you count, a new Kanye West album would be his 10th.

The postmark on the package came from the East Point neighborhood in Atlanta, but the return address was in Pasadena, California, under the name Max Peck. According to MTV’s research, Max Peck was the alias NASA astronauts used to use on top-secret missions. The address is a Jet Propulsion Lab at the California Institute of Technology. To complete the space theme, typing the number into an old-school phone pad produces the text ‘SPACED OUT’. At the very least, whoever did this thorough.

MTV eventually reached out to Def Jam for comment, and they denied any upcoming Kanye West projects, and said the package MTV received must have been a hoax. That would appear to be the end of things, but this writer had to put his WOKE goggles on when MTV went ahead and deleted their entire post. Why would they do that? Thankfully the post is available on the Wayback Machine.

If this truly is a hoax, it would be an incredibly elaborate one. Kanye West has recently had a 20 year old kid filming him with a VHS camcorder, so it could be related to that film.

Another theory: Kanye West and Drake have recently been vaguely beefing and alternately saying nothing is happening between them. With Drake set to release More Life on Saturday, could it be possible that Kanye West is getting revenge on Drizzy for wearing a Kanye West mask at his show by one upping his album release? Or, even more conspiratorial, could this be the long-rumored Kanye West and Drake collaborative project?

There are many loose ends here, not the least of which is MTV’s deletion of their original post. What do y’all think? Is this a clever prankster or do we have something to expect from Kanye West on Monday?