Customers are reacting with outrage after Costco has discontinued the fan favourite Polish sausage from their foodcourt menu. Although the supermarket giant is known mostly for their giant buckets of pickles or oversized packs of salmon, devotees of their prepared foods section hold the Polish sausage in high esteem and are not standing for its removal, so much so that they have started a petition to get the European-style hotdog back on the menu. 

But, for those with less discerning taste in sausages, don't despair! According to Costco CFO, Richard Galanti, “The all-beef hot dog remains,” and at a good deal too: the smaller sausage costs only $1.50. 

This hot-dog removal does exist in a vacuum. The foodcourt menu at Costco is undergoing a broader change to incorporate healthier items and to put an emphasis on vegetables. Emblematic of the change is the addition of their Al Pastor vegetarian protein salad which Craig Jelinek (Costco's CEO) defended, saying rather unconvincingly at a shareholder meeting that "it is healthy. And, uh, actually, it tastes pretty good, if you like those kind of things. I tried it once.”

Read some of the heartbroken tweets of sausage lovers: