Cory Booker made non-political headlines last month when he was reported to be dating actress Rosario Dawson. The couple were spotted checking out a movie together at Regal Union Square in New York and they also attended the Broadway show Dear Evan Hansen with Rosie's daughter and Cory's niece. 

Cory recently caught up with The Breakfast Club and admitted that he's “got a boo,” but wouldn't reveal the mystery woman's name. “Before I declared for president, I’m dating someone that’s really special to me,” he said, clearly not into talking about his personal life. The hosts asked Cory if him being single (if the relationship doesn't last) could affect his presidential running and he replied: “First of all, there’s two more years until I might fulfill this duty, so give me some time. My girlfriend might listen to this.”

He added: “I think that if Donald Trump can get elected president at this point with the personal life that he has, then anybody can." Cory has been serving as the junior United States Senator from New Jersey since 2013 and is a member of the Democratic Party. 

Watch his full Breakfast Club chat below.