The coronavirus continues to impact the entertainment world. Joining the list of delays and pushbacks is A Quiet Place Part II, which was originally set to have its theatrical release on March 20th of this year. It has been just a few days since Krasinski and his wife, Emily Blunt, premiered the movie at the Lincoln Center in New York, New York, but due to the severity of the virus, Krasinski and his team have decided to postpone its release to theatres.

In a statement made on his personal Instagram page, Krasinski stated that his desire for fans to watch the film together motivated his decision. He admits that public health concerns would not permit the audience to comfortably view the film as a group. However, Krasinski seems to be in high spirits regardless of the unfortunate news. He's still "insanely excited" to share the movie with us but is just choosing to do so once it's safe for us to watch together. 

A Quiet Place Release Coronavirus Postponed Delayed Rochlin/Getty Images

Krasinski's film is not the first to postpone its release. The upcoming James Bond film, No Time To Die, was also meant to release this month but has since made the difficult decision to release in November 2020 instead.

The Quiet Place Part II announcement did not come with a new release date, as Krasinski, like the rest of us, is not sure when the world will no longer be in a state of emergency, and probably feels that its best not to make a decision too early.