Jamie Foxx doesn't play when it comes to his daughter and those she calls her boyfriend. The 25-year-old Beat Shazam host recently paid a visit to Hot 97 and discussed her famous dad and how he used to take things to another level regarding her past relationships. "He's doing better now," Corinne told Ebro. "In high school, it was rough. I mean, he was knocking on doors and coming to people's homes and threatening people. I was like, 'Dad, we gotta calm down.'" 

Rob Kim/Getty Images

Ebro then brought up Corinne's first heartbreak that lead to the recalling of a time Jamie confronted her first love back when she was in high school. "I had a high school boyfriend, so probably 18ish . . . My dad had already threatened this kid to the death," she explained. "I mean, this kid, poor guy. He knocked on his front door at one point."

As the story goes, Corinne and her high school boo got in an argument forcing Jamie to head to his house with some "big guys" for backup. As for now, Corinne looks to be in a new relationship looking happier than ever as per a recent post to Instagram