Shortly after confirming that his upcoming album would be titled From A Bird's Eye ViewCordae took a moment to catch up with Ebro Darden on Apple Music 1 show Rap Life Radio. During the conversation, Cordae opened up about his music yet to come, as well as offering some major praise to Young Thug, with whom he collaborated on his recent EP Just Until. 

Despite the perceived stylistic difference on paper, Cordae and Thugger's chemistry proved undeniable, making for a track that many deemed a project highlight. Hearing the way Cordae speaks on Thug's musicianship and professional approach in the studio, it's evident that the young emcee has nothing but respect for the trendsetting Atlanta chameleon. 

 Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

"We did that joint one of the first nights we was in the studio just linking up," explains Cordae. "And we're just sitting down in a control room going back and forth and it's incredible with Thug. This n***a is a master of cadence, flow and being able to create high-level music at an extremely fast pace. And he would stop what the engineer doing and shift the vocals and put a certain EQ and compressor on a vocal,  I'm just so impressed by that as well."

"I tell Thug all the time I told him this in person, I'll say it right now too," he continues. "I feel like when it's all said and done, he definitely belongs in the rock and roll hall of fame for sure.” One has to wonder if his positive experience, not to mention the praise "Wassup" garnered, will ensure Thugger a guest spot on Cordae's upcoming body of work. On that note, he confirmed that H.E.R will be appearing on the project, though he opted to keep any other features close to the chest.

Check out Cordae's appearance on Rap Life Radio below, and sound off if you'd like to see him and Thugger reconnecting in the booth.