Two police officers in Georgia have been suspended after their own body cams revealed a traffic stop gone wrong. There wasn't any assault involved, and no one was injured. This specific case is more unusual than your typical police suspension story. According to 11 Alivethe two officers were suspended after using a coin toss app to determine whether or not they should arrest their suspect. 

Sarah Webb was pulled over in April by Roswell police for driving 80 MPH in a 45 MPH zone in the rain. Officers Courtney Brown and Kristee Wilson could not decide whether to give Webb a ticket for reckless driving or arrest her, so instead, they used the coin flip method.  In the video, you can hear Officer Wilson say, "A (arrest) head, R (release) tail." Officer Brown agrees and laughs. Although the coin landed on tails, the officers arrested Webb anyway. They're even corrupt when it comes to their own probability tests. Brown and Wilson were forced to turn in their guns and their badges once the story broke, which has caused Internal Affairs to question what took their department so long (the arrest occurred three months ago). Webb had no idea that the officers used the coin flip method until Alive 11 alerted her of the video.