Yesterday, YG and Nipsey Hussle told all of their L.A. fans to come out to the video shoot to their new single "F*ck Donald Trump." By the early afternoon, a mass of zealous Trump opponents had gathered in the streets alongside the two rappers to shoot the video for the year's most powerful piece of protest music. Both emcees shared some early footage from the shoot last night, showing an inspiring portrait of anti-Trump unity, but it turns out, rather unsurprisingly, that the shoot was eventually taken over by police. 

The LAPD has reported to Billboard that no arrests were made at the scene, though there was an unstated number of citations given out, with charges ranging from "illegally modified exhaust systems" to "loitering for the general purpose of street racing." Indeed, someone was able to catch a video of a white Corvette running into a bystander whilst attempting some seriously ambitious donuts in the middle of the street. It looks like it might've been a pre-planned stunt, but regardless, it's amazing the guy was able to avoid a severe injury with a sudden backflip onto the pavement. 

It's unclear if there was street racing footage used in the video or if it was something that happened as a result of the shoot. When police first arrived at the scene, though, they had no idea that a music video was being filmed, reports TMZ

Cops were antagonized by a particular moment in the shoot when a crowd of people were gathered around and on top of a car belonging to an associate of Nipsey's. The cops threaten to tase the man on the hood, to whom the car allegedly belongs, and the below clip shows officers chasing him while he attempts to scamper off. They eventually ran into Nipsey, who quickly backed off with his hands up. 

"First they pulled out tasers, then pistols, then SHOTGUNS," wrote the person who recorded the above video when he posted it to Instagram. "Not sure any of that was necessary, but my n*gga @nipseyhussle handled it like a professional...I guess expressing political views with togetherness requires police to pull out shotguns." 

According to TMZ, YG and Nipsey were able to film enough footage for the video before the cops arrived, so expect the video to "F*ck Donald Trump" to arrive shortly.