It looks like Diddy and Cassie's relationship has come to a heated ending. According to a report circulating this morning, the hip-hop power couple got into argument yesterday, stemming from Cassie wanting to break-up, resulting in Diddy snatching Cassie's phone, and ending with the police visiting Cassie's home.

Apparently it all started when Cassie announced to Puff that she wanted to break up, Wednesday afternoon while the two were in a car together. This break-up pronouncement was enough to make Diddy suspicious, and he reportedly grabbed Cassie's phone to look through it-- before hopping out of the car with her phone in hand, while Cassie left with the driver.

Although Diddy eventually returned home with the phone, apparently Cassie told her mom about the stolen phone and it was the mama who called the cops. The police came to Cassie's home, and the singer/model reportedly told the police the phone had since been returned, but they still wrote up a domestic incident report, although it's being reported that no crime was committed.

We'll keep you posted if more details surface.